Being a Digital Curator

Digital curation is the term used for enhancing digital content to make it more accessible and usable now and in the future so that the data is preserved.  Digital curation tools such as Pinterest and Scoop It allows an individual to have quality control over their search on focused topics and they can also filter through digital content so that the higher quality content surfaces to the top of their search.  (Flintoff, Mellow, & Clark, 2014, para. 2).  There is so much digital content on the internet that it is very easy to become overwhelmed or to even waste time sifting through superfluous websites to find content that suits your topics.

water hydrant

(Information hydrant, 2008)

It is important to add your own comments to topics that you have curated and to modify and organise the content to suit your classroom activities.  After reading up on digital curation, I have realised that I have been a digital curator myself for the last few years on social media sites.  I didn’t realise, however, that there are digital curation platforms and tools to assist in finding information a little easier.  I now have a more in-depth knowledge on ways I can develop my skills for both personal and professional use.  I particularly enjoy using Pinterest and I am looking forward to implementing the website into my teaching career.

The article “55 Content Curation Tools” found on Teach Thought is just a small example of the amount of digital curation tools that are available to help develop your classroom plans and your professional development as a teacher.

Knowing that there are digital curating tools available, I believe that these will be used a lot in my teaching career and I will be more informed on the topics I have chosen.  I will also be able to spend more time on the development of my students instead of sifting through copious amounts of irrelevant information.


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